Coco Glucoside 500g
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Formulation tip:  For body washes, shampoos or bubble bath it is usual to blend an anionic surfactant with a non-ionic and possibly an amphoretic to help build stable mixed micelles (surfactant structures).   This ensures that you have a good mix of cleaning action going on allowing you to reduce the total amount of surfactant in your formula.  Having a formula with a lower surfactant activity is ideal in terms of cost and irritation potential. If correctly blended there should be no reduction in product quality.

Ingredients: Palm Kernel/Coco Glucoside, Water 

INCI Name: Coco Glucoside

Application : Can be used as either a base or co-surfactant in cleansing products. This is a non-ionic surfactant with a HLB of around 12-14 making it suitable as a co-emulsifier in cream cleansing formulations.   This surfactant provides a good flash foam (instant foaming) as well as a foam that is stable over a longer time frame. This makes it great for bubble baths and luxurious shower gels.

Use Levels:  Generally between 1-15% as supplied.

Activity: 51-53% active in water.

Origin: Natural, plant based surfactant. This may be derived from palm or coconut sources.